Join us on Sunday at 10:30am


Discipleship Hour

An hour before our corporate worship service, we meet to study Scripture and pray together. We spend the first half of our time together sharing prayer requests and praying for one another. The pastors encourage members to share major life events and important spiritual matters with the entire church during this time. We spend the second half in a Bible study or topical teaching time designed to engage our minds and encourage good deeds. During the teaching time, we will endeavor to study the New Testament while our Pastor is preaching through the Old Testament and vice-versa. From time-to-time, the pastors may also teach on an important Biblical topic, such as Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, parenting, money, or guidance and the will of God. We want the time to be interactive and welcome questions and comments from the body as we wrestle with the Word and its claims on our lives.

Because Arlington Baptist does not presently have an evening service or mid-week service (yet), the elders desire to set aside extra time on Sunday mornings for corporate public prayer and additional bible study. While the service is primarily concerned with building up the members of Arlington Baptist, we welcome visitors to join us at this public service both to study the Word and to get to know the church better.

**Discipleship Hour is on Summer break from August 1st through September 3th, and will resume meeting on September 10th. There are no changes to the Morning Service, which will continue to meet at 10:30 during this time.